Bader Soap

Bader Soap

  • This soap is characterized by its unique composition that creates a romantic vibe between the couple.
  • It contains a strong fragrance that lasts on the skin and gives it an extreme softness and a pleasant creamy texture.
  • This product has entered the world of aromatherapy, as it contributes to improving the mood and relaxing the nerves.

Bader Soap

Ingredients: The secret that has been passed down over 18 generations of Khan Al Saboun, and the first scented soap that was cooked in the heart of Tripoli. Dr. Bader added his own touch and customized it for newlyweds.

How to use: Massage the soap on wet skin in circular motion for 30 seconds then rinse it off and enjoy the magic and romance.

Weight85 g
Dimensions6 × 8 × 3 cm


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