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Skin Treatment Collection

Wrap your looks up with the halo of smooth, flawless and healthy skin! With the Skincare collection, Bader Hassoun laboratory offers you the fruit of our continuous and most advanced research in the field of alternative medicine and beauty care. Our staff in all showrooms is ready to help you select a chemicals-free, sustainable treatment of all your skin problems. Having a perfect skin is now possible and guaranteed by this line, with an extra beauty sprinkle added on top of it.

Typical Lebanese Soap

Made of unique and rare herbs, herbal soaps are 100% natural ingredients and are found to be highly benefical for the skin. The herbs infused in these soaps have therapeutic and healing characteristics that offer specific benefits to the skin. The soaps containing vitamins and essential oils lead to the goodness of skin as well as the overall health.

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We are Hiring – Beauty Consultant

Requirements: 1-2 years experience in the above mentioned post or related field is preferred Extensive & up to date knowledge of beauty trends , protocols & skincare products Passion for…
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Reuters Report – Bader Hassoun Eco village

  An eco-village in Lebanon relies on primitive methods and renewable energy to produce handmade soap and perfumes in an effort to keep production on-going, as many businesses scale back…
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The Rarest Soap In The World – Gold Soap

  The rarest soap has a uniqueness and strangeness that people of soap lovers did not know before This soap contains the beneficial and exciting reaction in nature’s chemistry. It…
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حكاية القرية البيئية – خان الصابون

منذ عشرون سنة وضعت امامي هدف ان اعمل قرية بيئية نموذجية تحضن هذه القرية اولادي واحفادي مصنعي مختبراتي وارض زراعية ومزرعة للحيوانات الاليفة يعني قلعتي العائلية وخلفية هذا الهدف هو…

Social Media Expert- Job Opportunity

Khan al saboun Lebanon is Hiring!! We are looking for an Energetic E Commerce coordinator *4 to 5 years of Marketing experience *4 to 5 years experience in Social Media…