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Our worldwide expansion is due to success and consistency is delivering our very best while adapting our products to any targeted need or taste.

Crafted with fine material  and elegant packaging, our products are highly reputed outside Lebanon’s borders. They’ve become the privileged gift to be exchanged among kings and heads of states.

The experience of our foreign clients has made the echoes of the self-myth  of Khan al-Saboun go all over the globe. Our products have become intercontinental.

Based on the positive experiences of foreign clients, we expanded hitherto through our brand franchise in some 12 African and Arab countries, china, europe and Canada, where the name of Lebanon became associated with an ex jeweler who founded fancy signature soap.

The Khan al-Saboun flagship preserves the caring and warm welcoming for all our visitors worldwide. The visitors go through our charge-free rituals by trying the products and benefiting from facial massage.

Once you step into our showroom, a portal is open for you towards a world of visual, tactile and aromatic wonders, away from the stress of daily routine.

Alongside with kiosks dotted in many points of sale, they trace Khan al-Saboun footprint on the world map.

In our premises furnished with the harmonious marriage of pastel and earth colors, Bader Hassoun brand gladly receives you in our branches in:

Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Curacao, Paraguay, Qatar, KSA, Oman, China, Bahrain, Iraq, Canada, and more.

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