Skin Nourishment Cream – 30g

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Beeswax is the nature’s perfect preservative and conveyer element. It is naturally extracted and used in this product for its great regenerative functions. This is the ultimate nutritional night care treatment. Thanks to its edible ingredients organically extracted from nature, it enters the pores and improves skin firmness, radiance and texture while maximizing moisture retention. It reduces the appearances of wrinkles and fatigue. The deep absorption helps in revitalizing the skin.

Usage: wash your face with water then with soap. Apply a small quantity on the face at night especially around the eyes and lipsonce daily using fingerprints and gently massage your face until it the skin absorbs it.

Ingredients: olive oil, wheat germ oil, sesame oil, nigella oil, sweet almond oil, honey, bees-wax.

Warning: apply a small quantity on dry areas at night daily. This product is suitable for all skin types. Keep away from heat.

يعتبــر هــذا الكريــم المنتــج الغذائــي الأفضــل للبشــرة كونــه يعمــل علــى تجديــد الخا ّ يــا خــال الليــل ليضفــي عليهــا إشــراقاً. يشــد ّ هــذا الكريــم البشــرة وينعشــها كمــا أنــه .يــورد البشــرة ويقــوي مــن مناعتهــا ويضيــف إليهــا رونقــاً متألقــاً وحيويــة مــن خــلال امتصــاص البشــرة لزيــت حبــة البركــة

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