Hibiscus Honey Soap – 140g

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In the past, the hibiscus herb was greatly used to sterilize and help in disinfecting the cuts, burns, and different skin diseases. Honey is a preservative and carrier product that helps to transport the benefits of the hibiscus in the skin. When combining the honey with the hibiscus herb in one soap, we are creating a great product for removing skin problems. In addition, this soap is highly recommended for sensitive skin types and newborns. This soap has been uniquely created since it has passed through 4 different stages and has been prepared through a water bath.

Usage: wash your face with warm water then massage it with the soap for 1 minute and wash it again. Use the soap 1-2 times daily for the best result. This soap can also be used on the body.

Ingredients: distilled herbal water, olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, vegetarian glycerin, honey, hibiscus herb, soda water.

Warning: keep away from heat.






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2 reviews for Hibiscus Honey Soap – 140g

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    best brand

  2. nala

    best brand

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