Shampoo & Shower gel – Cedarwood & Pure Gold – 40ml

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  • The Cedar Wood & Gold Shampoo & Shower Gel is loaded with vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals to reduce hair loss and stimulate new hair growth.
  • It’s a totally organic, natural and plant-based shampoo for all hair types and shower gel.
  • Bursting with the most luxurious natural ingredients, cleans, nourishes.
  • Shampoo: apply one or two pumps on your hair then gently massage your scalp and wash your hair. Use daily for best result.
    Shower Gel: apply a small quantity on the loofah during shower and add a few drops of water, rub your body then wash it again.
  • Handmade products and traditionally crafted in LEBANON with only the finest ingredients. Using old-world methods produces an oil that has few impurities and an incredibly smooth texture which creates a longer lasting scent.
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The laboratories of Dr. Badr Hassoun turned traditional ingredients into a legendary soap with their secret recipe. Our herbal soap Collection is our very essential handcraft. We are premier in catering a top-notch signature of organic handmade soap made with our magical recipe of pure essential oils and organic herbs harvested from our eco-friendly village. Using only 100% natural, plant-based components, we make our soaps with the traditional method of soap making which retains the nurturing benefits of the ingredients.

Bursting with the most luxurious natural ingredients, this shower gel cleans, nourishes and softens the skin with fresh, harmonious aromas making daily showering fun for the skin & senses. This is an exquisite organic, 100 % plant-based shower gel which is a perfect combination of the cedar wood and gold. It infuses the scent with irresistible freshness. This product is ultra-refreshing and will astound you with every use. Enjoy its exquisite fragrance while your skin actually feels soft and fresh. It is gently absorbed by the body into the pores leaving it beautifully scented and moisturized. When applying the body oil after the shower, you enhance your feeling of freshness and suppleness.

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 18 cm

2 reviews for Shampoo & Shower gel – Cedarwood & Pure Gold – 40ml

  1. abdallah

    This product is great!

  2. Tina

    Just purchased, however the ingredient list is vague. There is clearly a soap or foaming agent in it, yet it is not stated on the bottle. Is it sulfate free?

    • admin

      good day!! all ingredients of our products are organic and are listed on each product

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