Khan Al Saboun Bader Hassoun The Lebanese Family Behind The Internationally Famous Organic Brand



“We need to stand in solidarity with WHO WE ARE and why we need to stay in this country”; are words spoken many times by Dr. Bader Hassoun during countless social gatherings, TV interviews & while hosting VIPS, famous celebrities, International government officials, Diplomats, tourists & the list goes on for those who have visited Bader Hassouns Ecovillage in Ras Maska Al Koura North Lebanon.


Entering the village you cannot but be amazed by the structures built to represent a old Lebanese village & mesmerized by the countless scents and smells of all the perfumes, soaps, body oils,  & Lebanese salts, creams and body essentials.  The Lebanese spirit is truly seen and smelt in this place nevertheless the gardens encompassing the village overlooking the Koura Mountains are even more of  a spectacle to mention.


A marvel that has been a family business since 1480 a generational spiral that was lost in time but revived by Dr. Bader 40 years ago as he crafted his way into the industry of soap making through his passion & dedication to his Lebanese roots.

Olive oil is vital to producing a soap bar but Hassoun was opted to add his special ingredients and started formulating scents used for different skin treatments; as the years went by creams, essentials oils, scrubs, salts, perfumes and body essentials were added to the list of items that became on demand in the local & international markets; with the business progressing Hassoun felt the need to expand where the demand for the Lebanese made soaps was on high alert.


Today Khan Al Saboun is Internationally branched to 18 countries with 490 point of sales & a total number of 2850 employees both locally & around the world. The factory produces 10,000 organic bars of soap on a daily basis is an achievement the founders are proudly moving forward with in these unprecedented times.


Khan Al Saboun mission with its working force of specialists, families, student graduates & senior staff members who are continue to thrive in a crumbling economy.


In Light of the current situation & hardships that Lebanon is going through today, Khan Al Saboun is keen on moving forward & producing more of its organic products to the rest of world.






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