For Perfect Restoration of skin Balance
(Acne and oily Skin)
A complete facial treatment, based on:
  • active ingredients, to purify the skin
  • brighten the skin
  • closes the pores balance sebum secretions


Apply 2 cotton pads with the cleansing fluid rose water
and start doing slow circular movements to clean




Exfoliate the skin by using
volcanic liquid soap


Use the Steam to open the pores


Extract the blackheads


Apply the purifying toner again
(Rose toner)


Apply the Purifying White Mud Mask
and Leave it for 15 sec
and remove the mask with hot towels



Apply the purifying toner again
(Rose toner)


Finish by using rose Lotion
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Bring Back The Glow:
  • Glow, anti-aging
  • Deep effect on wrinkles fight free radicals
  • Nourish the skin by using an active ingredient


Apply Chamomile Cleanser with tea tree gel
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Exfoliate with
Turmeric Liquid Soap
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Massage the face for
a while with the turmeric
Remove it with hot
cotton pads


Apply the Skin Nourishing cream
a mask for 15 mins
and remove it with hot cotton pads


Finish with Zinc Cream
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Whitening effect on the dark spots
Increase the elasticity and regeneration of the skin



Clean the face with the cleansing fluid
(Rose toner)


Exfoliate and clean
with Turmeric Liquid Soap



Wash and remove it
with hot cotton pads


Apply Red Mud Mask for few minutes
Then remove it by Wheat Bran liquid soap
and apply Nourishing whitening cream
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