Organic Baby Collection

  1. Chamomile

    It’s a mild, extra soft soap on the skin with healing and soothing effects. It could be used for newborns to promote sleep due to its unique tranquilizing scent. Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, glycerin, soda water, chamomile, distilled herbal water, argan, edible herbs and oils.
  2. Shower gel Chamomile with Tea tree.

    The blend of chamomile and tea tree has a soothing and calming effect, is gentle on the skin, and aids in reducing acne.. For optimum results, always follow with chamomile and tea tree body oil. Ingredients: Distilled herbal water, coconut extract, different herbal emulsions, henz, sea salt, aromatic oils, chamomile extract, preservative material, edible herbs and oils.
  3. Argan Mixture oil

    This natural oil is exceptionally beneficial for instant body results. It has a unique way of penetrating the skin and leaves it hydrated and soft; Argan oil gives the body satin-touch radiance and is great for dry hands and cracked feet. Ingredients: olive oil, sesame oil, aromatic herbal extracts, argan, edible herbs and oils.
  4. Baby oil

    This oil contains natural oils that maintain smooth and moisturized skin as it forms a protective layer on your baby’s skin. This oil locks-in moisture and does not cause irritation. It is also protects from pregnancy stretch marks. Ingredients: almond oil, argan oil, peach oil, olive oil, wheat bran, chamomile, edible herbs and oils.
  5. Body lotion argan and chamomile

    This body lotion is exceptional in giving the body a soft, smooth and satin-touch radiance. it is gentle on the skin, fights dryness and irritations, and could be used in your daily routine. Ingredients: Olive oil, concentrated herbal water, different aromatic oils, chamomile, natural herbal wax, argan oil, almond, preservative material, edible herbs and oils.