Organic Aromatherapy Sea Salts

  1. Green tea leaves and sea salt body peeling.

    The invigorating scent of green tea essential oil and leaves adds a smile to the body and feet. The exceptional antioxidant and regenerating properties exfoliate, protect and repair the skin and moisturize it from head to toe. This product is essential for massage sessions and nail spas. Ingredients: Sea Salt, Sesame Oil, Leaf Green Tea Extract, Green Tea Extract Oil, edible herbs and oils.
  2. Lavender petals and sea salt body peeling.

    This product is a combination of sea salt, lavender petals and lavender extract oil; therefore, it is exquisite for the skin as it cleanses, purifies and detoxifies it. Sea salt is in vogue as it became a must in people’s daily lives and an essence among massage centers and nail spa aficionados. Ingredients: Sea Salt, Sesame Oil, lavender petals, Lavender extract oil, edible herbs and oils.