1. Box 3

    An organic gift box that contains 16 soap bars. These bars contains extra virgin olive oil,sesame oil,lavender,rosemary,chamomile oil. These soaps are very special gifts done by nature with all it beauty,simplicity and means that suites your occasions. Special gifts for a special person.
  2. grape bunch shaped organic soap(lemon scent).

    Lemon bunch shaped organic soap that is found in many scents as amber ,lemon ..... is an organic soap that is used as a wall display that gives a soul nourishing aroma. This soap is also used as a regular soap as all previous ones.
  3. Organic heart shaped soap rose scent.

    Organic heart shaped soap rose scent is a hand crafted soap that is characterize with it heart shaped suites to be a special gift carrying its unique identity and symbol of the green organic investment.
  4. Organic Herbal Soap Rosary.

    This rosay is a handmade material. Composed up of Organic herbal soap that is available in various scents that gives the room or body when used w unique scent lasts for 48 hours.
  5. Oreca line.

    Is a set of amenities used ion spa's,Hotels,Hospitals used to take care about the consumers and guest's comfort. These amenities is organic Eco-friendly done by the best fragranted natural oil to add a new aromatic identity that helps them for relaxation. oreca line is composed of : shower gel,conditioner,body lotion,shampoo and a soap bar.
  6. Cinnamon and Orange soap paquet

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  7. star soap

    Hand crafted soap shaped as a star that could have multi scents .

    A herbal soap that is available with various herbal scents .
  9. Amber musk soap.

    This soap is made of musk and amber fragrances which are classical Arabic ingredients that serenade the senses and with 30% honey. Mixed together, they create a fascinating smell especially when blended with honey. How to use: use as a final step in the shower on warm wet body, rub for one minute and rinse with water. Ingredients: olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, amber musk oil, almond oil, concentrated herbal water, soda, honey, edible herbs and oils.
  10. Bader soap.

    This natural and distinctive mix is an assortment of 30% honey and aromatic herbs that nourishes the body and soul. This soap stems from a special inherited combination that is highly valued, especially in Lebanese Bath. How to use: rub in circular motion on wet body and rinse with water. Ingredients: Olive oil, almond oil, palm oil, coconut oil, distilled herbal water, honey, bader mixture oil, soda, edible herbs and oils.