1. Green tea paquet

    Its sweet fragrance and antioxidant rich properties aid in slowing down the aging process, rejuvenating skin cells and in keeping the skin fresh, clean and beautiful. It also helps in alleviating tension and in increasing relaxation. Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, glycerin, soda water, green tea, distilled herbal water, edible herbs and oils.
  2. Shower gel Chamomile with Tea tree.

    The blend of chamomile and tea tree has a soothing and calming effect, is gentle on the skin, and aids in reducing acne.. For optimum results, always follow with chamomile and tea tree body oil. Ingredients: Distilled herbal water, coconut extract, different herbal emulsions, henz, sea salt, aromatic oils, chamomile extract, preservative material, edible herbs and oils.
  3. Shower gel Green tea with Lemon grass.

    This perfect combination will leave your skin fresh and tranquil and will dazzle you with every use. While you indulge in the fragrance of this product, your skin gets exceptionally moisturized and smooth. Ingredients: Distilled herbal water, coconut extract, different herbal emulsions, henz, sea salt, aromatic oils, lemon grass, and preservative material, edible herbs and oils.
  4. Shea butter&green tea peeling cream.

    This cream is made from pure Shea Butter which is extracted from the seed of the Shea tree which is rich in vitamins A& E cream and green tea. These properties help in evening skin tones and in helping reduce skin imperfections, stretch marks, and premature lines and wrinkles. How to Use: apply to designated areas and massage gently, allowing the cream to absorb into your skin. Ingredients: Pure Shea Butter, green tea, almond, olive oil, salt, sugar, edible herbs and oils.
  5. Red mud mask.

    This product soothes and nourishes the skin and works as a skin purifier by removing dead skin cells and impurities. Enjoy the dazzling results of a youthful-looking glowing skin with the antioxidant properties of red musk. Ingredients: Red mud, turmeric, olive oil, flaxseed oil, glycerin, almond oil, distilled water of sage and green tea, lavender perfume, coconut emulsifier, edible herbs and oils.
  6. Green tea leaves and sea salt body peeling.

    The invigorating scent of green tea essential oil and leaves adds a smile to the body and feet. The exceptional antioxidant and regenerating properties exfoliate, protect and repair the skin and moisturize it from head to toe. This product is essential for massage sessions and nail spas. Ingredients: Sea Salt, Sesame Oil, Leaf Green Tea Extract, Green Tea Extract Oil, edible herbs and oils.
  7. Chamomile and tea tree oil.

    This natural is one of the best romantic scents created by Dr. Badr Hassoun laboratories. It could be used in massage sessions for healing and soothing effect and could be used for newborns to promote sleep due to its unique tranquilizing scent. This oil can also be used as a body spray and leave the body relaxed throughout the day. Ingredients: olive oil, sesame oil, aromatic herbal extracts, chamomile, tea tree oil, edible herbs and oils.
  8. Organic heart shaped soap rose scent.

    Organic heart shaped soap rose scent is a hand crafted soap that is characterize with it heart shaped suites to be a special gift carrying its unique identity and symbol of the green organic investment.
  9. Body Lotion Green Tea

    This body lotion is exceptional in giving the body a soft, smooth and satin-touch radiance. it is gentle on the skin, fights dryness and irritations, and could be used in your daily routine. Ingredients: Olive oil, concentrated herbal water, different aromatic oils, chamomile, natural herbal wax, argan oil, almond, preservative material, edible herbs and oils.