1. Nigella sativa

    It hydrates the skin, extensively cleanses skin pores, boosts cell renewal and prevents skin problems. Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, glycerin, soda water, nigella sativa, distilled herbal water, edible herbs and oils.
  2. Lavender petals and sea salt body peeling.

    This product is a combination of sea salt, lavender petals and lavender extract oil; therefore, it is exquisite for the skin as it cleanses, purifies and detoxifies it. Sea salt is in vogue as it became a must in people’s daily lives and an essence among massage centers and nail spa aficionados. Ingredients: Sea Salt, Sesame Oil, lavender petals, Lavender extract oil, edible herbs and oils.
  3. Wild mint oil.

    This natural body oil is highly-sought by athletes for its energizing effect by giving the body a sense of vigor and vitality, especially after workouts. The bewitching fragrance of wild mint alleviates aches and rejuvenates the senses. Ingredients: olive oil, sesame oil, aromatic herbal extracts, wild mint, edible herbs and oils.
  4. Oreca line.

    Is a set of amenities used ion spa's,Hotels,Hospitals used to take care about the consumers and guest's comfort. These amenities is organic Eco-friendly done by the best fragranted natural oil to add a new aromatic identity that helps them for relaxation. oreca line is composed of : shower gel,conditioner,body lotion,shampoo and a soap bar.
  5. Wheat Bran Liquid soap.

    This organic and natural combination, rich in wheat bran, is the right choice for mixed to oily skins and t-zones. It deeply cleanses the skin from blackheads, dead skin and pimples leaving it smooth, supple and clear. Ingredients: Olive oil, wheat bran, sage, sesame oil, flax oil, herbal distilled water, honey, soda, edible herbs and oils.
  6. Volcanic Liquid Soap.

    This organic and natural liquid soap is packed with skin-loving benefits. . It is also highly beneficial for prevention of skin problems, and is used for reducing itchiness in body areas due to its mildly abrasive properties. Ingredients: Concentrated herbal water, olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, sulfur, almond oil, honey, coconut extracts, and hens, edible herbs and oils.
  7. Argan Mixture oil

    This natural oil is exceptionally beneficial for instant body results. It has a unique way of penetrating the skin and leaves it hydrated and soft; Argan oil gives the body satin-touch radiance and is great for dry hands and cracked feet. Ingredients: olive oil, sesame oil, aromatic herbal extracts, argan, edible herbs and oils.
  8. Baby oil

    This oil contains natural oils that maintain smooth and moisturized skin as it forms a protective layer on your baby’s skin. This oil locks-in moisture and does not cause irritation. It is also protects from pregnancy stretch marks. Ingredients: almond oil, argan oil, peach oil, olive oil, wheat bran, chamomile, edible herbs and oils.
  9. Body lotion argan and chamomile

    This body lotion is exceptional in giving the body a soft, smooth and satin-touch radiance. it is gentle on the skin, fights dryness and irritations, and could be used in your daily routine. Ingredients: Olive oil, concentrated herbal water, different aromatic oils, chamomile, natural herbal wax, argan oil, almond, preservative material, edible herbs and oils.
  10. Fragrant Moisturizing Serum

    It is made from herbal extracts, oils and honey. It is highly-sought for its ability to protect the hair from exposure to the sun, dust, and humidity by forming a protective layer that prevents the hair from becoming dry and coarse. Due to the effectiveness of its essential oils, this serum fabulously restores your hair making it look healthier and shinier. How to use: Pour a few drops on your palms and rub it to damp hair with your fingers. Ingredients: coconut extract, palm extract, different herbal emulsions, castor oil, edible herbs and oils.